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The O.N.I. Group operates from 1968 in the field of maintenance and overhaul of steam and gas turbo-alternators, for power plants.

The experience, gained over the years thanks to a close collaboration with Ansaldo Energia in Genoa and with the Enel Group, enabled the acquisition

of specific technical skills. These allow to perform independently overhaul of turbines up to 660MW of power and construction of spare parts for the major

power plants throughout Italy. O.N.I. has got containers, equipped for all the site’s need, portable machine tools for turning, boring and drilling “in situ”

and of foremen, turbine specialist and highly experienced and qualified mechanics. The workshop is equipped with machine tools, manual and numerical

control, for the maintenance service and the construction of special spare parts.


Activities of maintenance and overhaul

• Turbine

• Diesel Generators

• Switch machines

• Valves, pumps and pumping units

• Bearings

• General mechanical components

• Working “in situ” with portable equipment

• Refrigeration systems

Workshop activities

• Regeneration of seals

• Maintenance and working of any mechanical component up to 10t

• Certificated welding systems: TIG, MIG/MAG, PAW, SAW, SMAW, OFW, RW, brazing

• Rebbabiting of bearings with white metal

• Regenaration of oil seals

• Stellite Surfacing weld

• Grinding

Construction activity

• Spare parts in special steels

• Valves shaft, seats

• Bushings

• Nuts and bolts of any type and size

• Parts modeled after drawing

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