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The Group O.N.I. acquires and manages the orders as prime contractor, thanks to the long

experience and the important technical skills acquired in the field of repair and ship maintenance.

The O.N.I. acquired, in the 80s, the technical management of the Mambisa Navigation Company of Cuba fleet (650 ships),

in all Italian ports. It is MAN Diesel Authorized Service Partner, first B&W, since 1982 and Deutz trusty. It was the first Italian company,

in the 90s, to sign a private contract with Tirrenia SpA di Navigazione and with the Caremar SpA, which ensured the 90% of the power of their fleets,

in all Italian ports. In 2013, O.N.I. signed an agreement with Angelo Podestà of Genoa. The O.N.I. has a long experience in naval and mechanical

engineering. Repairs and maintenance can be carried out in the workshop, on board and during navigation.

Main Activities:

• Major repairs of engines;

• General maintenance of MMEE and DDGG of all types and power;

• Replacement of MMEE and DDGG with all related activities (foundation, piping, alignments, etc..)

• Overhaul of TURBOCHARGERS;

• Repair and regeneration of engine parts (exaust/inlet valves, piston heads, cylinder covers, bearings, cast iron parts);

• Rotors balancing;

• Crankshaft regeneration in place and in workshop;

• Construction of mechanical components (also modeled after drawings);

• refrigerator system;

• hydraulic system.

• Cast iron special welding;

• Stellite Surfacing weld of seats and shutters for exhaust valves;

• Rebabbiting of white metal bearings;

• Hardfacing;

• Milling and turning of components up to 10t;

• Linearity test with optical equipment;

• Boring and grinding in place with portable equipment;

• Regeneration of propulsion systems;

• Overhaul of:

1. injection systems;

2. compressors;

3. pumps, valves, etc..;

4. windlass and winches;

5. electric motors;

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