UNI EN ISO 9001: 2008

The O.N.I. SpA has as main objective to provide a service that meets fully the needs of Customers and to offer

an adequate warranty about the quality of the services provided in order to pursue continuous improvement.

Therefore, O.N.I. has felt the need to formalize its commitments, goals and organization for quality through the

implementation of a Quality Management System complies with the requirements of the international standard of quality

management ISO 9001:2008, to be submitted to the verification of an independent certification body officially recognized.

 For this purpose the O.N.I. S.p.A, according to the aims of the organization, is committed to ensure:

• The customer satisfaction;

• The fulfillment of the requirements, including mandatory and regulated (for this purpose, the Management has prepared a detailed
schedule for the acquisition and management of mandatory laws and regulations that regulate the sector) ;

• The orientation to continuous improvement and the effectiveness of the QMS ;

• The optimum use of human and economic resources.

The Management also plans measurable improvement targets.

These targets are discussed with the heads of function/process,
based on the state of the application and effectiveness of the Quality Management System,
are formalized by the management and are the reference for the Review of the QMS.

The targets are divided into processes/activities, the elements taken into account in the definition of targets relate to:

1) Reduction of:

• the time of delivery of the maintenance service on ships;

• the anomalies found during the construction of a part;

• complaints/reminders of the customer;

• costs;

• NC;

2) Improvement of:

• the satisfaction of the customer;

• the company’s performance;

• the training and professionalism of the team;

• the working conditions and technological;

3) Involvement of:

• the suppliers;

• the personnel;









The Management in order to achieve the targets set will:

• Activate and maintain the Quality Management System described;

• Define the organizational structure specifying the tasks, the authority, the responsibilities, the skills and the cross-functional relationships;

• Disseminate, clarify, implement and sustain the quality policy;

• Plan the training of personnel;

• Identify the QMS manager in order to give him the authority and the autonomy to ensure compliance with the QMS requirements;

• Decide and support preventive and improvement actions long as the technical analysis and the cost/benefit analysis demonstrate the validity and convenience;

• Review at least once in an year the effectiveness of the Quality Management System;

The O.N.I. SpA Management

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