The high demand for technical know-how that characterizes the sectors in which the

ONI SpA operates is satisfied by the high competence of human resources. The selection of

professional figures comes from their long experience. The continuous training is essential for a constant

growth and for the inclusion of young people to whom is handed down the technical skills and the important

competences acquired over the years by the foremen.

The company provides its clients the following professional figures:

·            Foremen

·            Engineers

·            Flight engineers

·            Turbine specialists

·            Fitters

·            Mechanical workers

·            Manual machine tool operators

·            NC machine tool operators

·            Licensed Welders

·            Carpenters

·            Licensed Crane operator

·            Refrigeration technicians

·            Testers

·            Pipe fitters

·            Electricians

·            Troubleshooter

·            Skilled technicians from

different construction companies

·           Upholsterers


The team operates 24/7 and wherever the customer needs, providing high quality and efficiency.

The experience gained over time in different working sectors made possible the creation of specific divisions,

able to offer high technical competence to every type of customer.

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